About Us

Who We Are

We are a full-service commercial construction contractor offering complete commercial tenant improvements - from design & permitting, to demolition, remodeling to trim, & final construction build-outs. 

We are a diverse company, aiming to be an industry leader for small to medium-sized construction projects in the greater Seattle area. 

As a small business, our goal is to fully understand and satisfy our client's needs and demonstrate why we've earned the privilege to work for them.

We are primarily concerned with contracting on small to medium-sized private and public construction projects and specialize in commercial kitchen build-outs.

We also sell new and used hoods of all styles, including canopy hoods, island hoods, and back shelf hoods. 

With over 40 years of accumulated experience, we're able to meet the specific needs of even the most complicated design projects. 

Working as a general or a sub-contractor, we will exceed your expectations for whatever scope of work you may have. 

We work alongside you and become a partner in getting the project done.  

Whether it's a simple appliance installation job or a full-scale, ground-up remodeling project, we're determined to get the job done in a timely manner and with exceptional quality that you can count on. 

Call us and let's see what we can do to get your next project completed, on time and on budget.



What We Do

Based in Western Washington, we provide comprehensive tenant improvement construction services in the greater Seattle area, including ductworks fabrication and complete HVAC installations, finish-work, and final equipment build-outs in both commercial and residential settings. 

We are a licensed and bonded mechanical contractor, selling and installing grease hoods, exhaust fans, and make-up air units. We have several options available, from simply installing the equipment you already own, to consultation and design of complete kitchen ventilation systems for your specific production needs. 

We have the capabilities to design, size, order, or build any piece of equipment a commercial kitchen could need. We also have custom fabrication capabilities for HVAC and commercial kitchen ventilation systems and over 30+ years of experience to back up our workmanship.


Gary Stowe


Gary Stowe is a Washington native who has been working in commercial building construction and tenant improvements for more than 40 years. Gary manages with a level head and a strong input of knowledge and understanding. He has specialized in commercial tenant improvements, HVAC, and commercial kitchen installations.

  • Mr. Stowe believes in surrounding himself with honest and 

             hardworking people, people that want to work and get the 

             job done right, looking good, and lasting for years to come.

  • Gary understands that the customer comes first, and that 

             construction projects put a lot of stress on owners and clients. 

             He believes in working through the problem to get to the 

             end with a happy and productive client. 

Interstate Owner Gary Stowe

Interstate Owner Gary Stowe


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